Kevin Tumlinson is a thriller and speculative fiction author and also the Director of Marketing for Draft2Digital. I invited him on the show to talk about the services Draft2Digital offers to indie authors, and to talk about how publishing is changing and how authors can take advantage of all the options available. One of the main things I wanted to talk to Kevin about is whether authors should be exclusive to Amazon and enroll in KDP Select, or if they should go wide with all publishers. The answer may surprise you.

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About Kevin:

Kevin Tumlinson is a thriller and speculative fiction author traveling the U.S. with his wife, an RV, a chihuahua named Mini, and a fully-loaded laptop. He writes multi-million-dollar blockbusters that can be read for only a few bucks.

Kevin grew up in Wild Peach Texas—an actual village wedged between the Brazos and San Bernard Rivers, with a population of less than 2,500 people and seemingly not a peach tree within a hundred miles of the place. He has had an eclectic career that includes engineering, teaching, broadcasting and media, and marketing. He has also been the recipient of numerous awards for writing, public speaking, and his work in advertising and marketing.

At the moment, Kevin—along with his wife and his dog—are traveling full-time in an RV, exploring the US as Kevin writes and promotes his books. The inside joke is that they are going on the worlds most far-ranging house hunt. They’re only half joking.


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Episode 136 | Writer’s Workshop 9 with Kevin Tumlinson KDP Vs Going Wide

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