Preston Leigh is a blogger, reviewer, and podcaster. I asked Preston to do a joint show with me where we dig into his story, and mine. Listen to the second part at The Leighgendarium.

About Preston:

Preston Leigh, with the help of many in the indie community, is the founder of The Leighgendarium.

He grew up with no interest in reading. In school he preferred to read Cliff Notes. Why did he change his mind on reading? The answer is simple, a girl. In 2003, his girlfriend, now wife, told him that he should really read the Harry Potter series and his love for reading grew from that. Preston discovered the indie side of publishing in 2014 and has fallen down its rabbit hole. Preston lives in Southwest Virginia with his wife and two dogs.

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Episode 150 | A Conversation With Preston Leigh From The Leighgendarium

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