alt-history-102-ebook-1Today I’m joined by some of the authors of the new anthology from Samuel Peralta’s Future Chronicles. Alt.History 102 is the follow up to the popular Alt.History 101.

Guests today are:

Samuel Peralta

Jennifer Ellis

Therin Knite

Will Swardstrom

Other authors contributing to Alt.History 102 include:

Nolie Marie Platt, Drew Avera, Asha Bardon, J.J. Brown, Artie Cabrera, Hank Garner, J.E. Mac, Alex Roddie, Adam Venezia, and Rysa Walker.

Alt.Hisory 102 is available now. Buy it here.

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Episode 82 | Alt.History 102

One thought on “Episode 82 | Alt.History 102

  • January 30, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    I’m three stories in for my ARC of Alt History 102, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing these authors today. Thanks for this, Hank. Now, back to reading, so I can review it as a whole.


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