This week I wanted to introduce the Author Stories audience to a new podcast that I’m hosting with my friend Chris Pourteau. Chris had the idea for this show a few months ago and we’ve been working behind the scenes ever since to put together something that allows us to hang out and share with each other (and you, the audience) things that we love.

We both are geeks, and connected with the sense of nostalgia that Ernest Cline so deftly brought to the surface with Ready Player One. We hope you will join us each week on Thursdays for Geeks of a Certain Age. Find the show at


Episode 90 : Geeks of a Certain Age

2 thoughts on “Episode 90 : Geeks of a Certain Age

  • March 8, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    This is an awesome start… keep up the good work guys…

    Did you know that a lot of the demon hate that Rowling received started with an article written by The Onion, and key excerpts were lifted and redistributed through Four Square and other church bulletins.


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