A Look Back At 2022 | Story Craft Cafe 58

Wow, what a year! In this calendar year not only did we kick off the number one site for writers The Story Craft Cafe, but we also started this podcast as an offshoot of that very special place. We had some fantastic guests that stopped by to share their stories and to drop some hard earned wisdom on us as well. In this episode we look back at a few of those highlights as we get ready to spend some special moments with family and friends and reflect on all of the good that 2022 brought us. We hope you take this time to rest and recharge your creative batteries and come back ready to tackle your stories with renewed hope and vigor. From all of us at Dabble and the Story Craft Cafe, Happy Holidays!

In this episode we hear from:

Sally Britton

Richard Fox

Christopher Paolini

Liv Constantine

James Rollins

Sarah Pinborough

Beverly Jenkins

J. T. Ellison

Brian McClellan

Jenna Moreci

R. A. Salvatore

Jasinda and Jack Wilder

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