A Writer’s Superpower

A Writer’s Superpower

Over the last couple of years, I’ve gotten to do some pretty cool things. I’ve published three novels, three episodes of a new serial series called Writer’s Block, written short stories for a few anthologies, and hosted a podcast that consistently blows my mind. I hope it gives you the same kind of feeling.

The podcast has been an especially gratifying experience. Through it I’ve made some really great friends, gleaned priceless advice from other writers that are a lot farther in their careers than I am, and opened my mind to new possibilities.  Hugh Howey even mentioned it on his blog yesterday. And to top all that off, the audience has grown exponentially since I started it.

I can attribute all of the successes I’ve had to one thing more than any other. Persistence. I don’t give up easily. I believe that the harder you work, and the more consistently you pursue something, the luckier you get.

Find something that makes you happy, and if you can find a way to benefit others with that talent, then you’re on to something. Then do it. Then keep doing it. There will be plenty of days that it seems like no one is listening or seeing all of the hard work that you’re putting in with no return. Don’t worry about it. When others will give up, keep working. Eventually you will look around and notice that there’s a whole group of people that have benefited from what you’ve been laboring alone at. Then welcome them in and keep going.

In over 80 interviews on Author Stories, the one theme that is repeated is that successful people don’t give up. They just don’t. And why would they? It’s our superpower.





I’m Hank and I’m a writer. I write stories about life, but with a supernatural twist. I love the art of writing so much that I started a podcast called Author Stories.

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