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Hank Garner, author and host of the Author Stories PodcastWelcome to my web site!

My name is Hank and I write stories that are sometimes strange, sometimes fantastical, but always attempt to connect with the heart and the human condition.  I live in the deep south with my wife and kids. I love all sorts of geek culture, reading, writing and hanging out with family.

I hope you’ll take a minute to look around, buy a book or listen to some of the incredible interviews I have been blessed to record with some of the most awesome writers out there.

Here’s what some people are saying about my writing.

“Mulligan was my first exposure to Hank Garner’s writing and after finishing the book, I know I’ll be checking out more of his works in the future. I enjoyed Mulligan, and it’s heartfelt look at time travel and one man’s journey back from a trip through time itself.”

“Wow. Hank Garner is a great story teller. I first read Bloom (earlier this week) and then instantly started this story. This story is another great tale that also leaves you with some great advice for your personal life through it. Hank Garner’s books are the only ones that I have actually used the Highlight feature on my Kindle Paperwhite.”

“Now, when Hank Garner writes a story I have high expectations. He delivers again with Writer’s Block (The Weston Files Book 1).”

“”Writer’s Block” sees Hank Garner at his best–delving deep into the psyche of an author who’s suffering from the titular condition. Part Twilight Zone, part psychological study, part small-town profile, this story is a first-class piece of writing that also happens to be a 101 for readers on just how frightening a blank screen can be to an author.”

““Bloom” is the story of dreams, of angels, of trials by fire, discouragement, sorrow, of faith, fate, light, growth, love and precious redemption. It is the story of hindsight and the connection of life events that bring about the full glory of one’s dream. It’s about recognizing angels, sent to light your path and propel you forward in your darkest hour. It’s about recognizing, though not clearly defined early on, the faces in your dream as your own. It’s about understanding and recognizing the ups and downs in life as part of the process in attaining that which your heart desires.”

“This book exceeded my expectations. It grabbed me from the moment I started reading it and I kept thinking about when I could pick it up and continue until I finished. This book is actually the first book that I have used the highlight feature on my Kindle. I highlighted several passages reading it. I believe this book will be one of those that you will get something different out of it each time that you read it. I cannot recommend this book enough. This book will help change your life and the way you look at things.”


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