Episode 86 |Hank Schwaeble Interview

Episode 86 |Hank Schwaeble Interview


Hank Schwaeble joins me this week to discuss writing horror, crafting compelling characters, writer’s work ethic and so much more.

Hank Schwaeble is the two-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author of the novels Damnable (Jove 2009), Diabolical (Jove 2011) and (coming soon from Cohesion Press) The Angel Of The Abyss. His short fiction has appeared in anthologies such as Alone on the Darkside , Five Strokes to Midnight , ZVR: No Man’s Land , V-Wars: Night Terrors and X-Files: The Truth Is Out There, among other outlets. Also a former World Fantasy Award nominee, he is an ex-Air Force officer and military Special Agent, a kindle giveawaypracticing attorney, and a licensed pilot. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing guitar and flying planes. He lives in the Houston, Texas, area with his wife (fellow author) Rhodi Hawk and their many animals.

Hank’s new book AMERICAN NOCTURNE is available now from Cohesion Press. Pick up a copy on Amazon.com here.


Hank Schwaeble and Cohesion Press have graciously provided an e-ink Kindle that is pre-loaded with AMERICAN NOCTURNE, as well as the entire Cohesion Press ebook catalog. We will draw a winner at random from comments on this post. Here’s what you need to do to win. Listen to this episode and comment with the name of Hank’s biggest influence as a child. We’ll draw a winner on Friday, February 19th.

AUDIBLE PODCAST PICK OF THE WEEK: V Wars: Night Terrors: New Stories of the Vampire Wars

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I’m Hank and I’m a writer. I write stories about life, but with a supernatural twist. I love the art of writing so much that I started a podcast called Author Stories.

I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Clive Barker – Best Horror Writer in my opinion!

  2. Great interview. I haven’t written much horror myself because it’s so difficult, so I really admire those who do it well.

  3. Clive Barker is a very good author!

  4. Who doesn’t love Clive Barker.

  5. I’ve only read a couple of Clive Barker’s short stories many years ago but I remember enjoying them very much!

    1. Stephen King and Clive Barker were definite influences but the TV show “Kolchak: The Night Stalker” influenced him the most as a child, though Spider-Man maybe comes close. 🙂

      That cover for “American Nocturne” is well done – very gritty!

      This was a very illuminating interview – thank you to Hank and Hank for this!

  6. Clive Barker. Been meaning to dive into his stuff, but it is unfortunately so far down on my TBR pile. One day, though!

  7. Clive Barker!!!!!!!!!

  8. Loved the interview. Hank’s influences were Night Shift by Stephen King and Books of Blood by Clive Barker. I’m a fan of both. I look forward to reading Hank’s collection of work in the near future.

    Doug B

  9. Kolczak: The Nightstalker.

    I loved this interview, loved Damnable, and found the author’s explanation of the title really gratifying. It casts another light on the story. Going to have to reread it with this information in mind.

  10. I really agree with him about loving Clive Barker since he’s done so much to make the horror genre worth reading

  11. What THEY said… Clive Parker
    (Hi, Hank!!)

  12. I’ve just started Clive Barkers book of blood! Amazing so far! Let the blood flow!

  13. Good interview, obviously it’s Clive Barker

  14. Early Clive Barker is the best.

  15. Clive Barker. While I haven’t read the Books of Blood, I highly enjoyed Imajica and The Hellbound Heart, and I plan on reading The Scarlet Gospels soon.

  16. Clive Barker

    Thank god Hanks books aren’t as scary.

  17. Author

    The winner is Chris Fried!!! Congratulations Chris!!

    1. This is wonderfully awesome – thank you so much!

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