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September 4, 2014 I launched the Author Stories Podcast.  In the year since, I have released 54 episodes with guests representing the indie publishing movement, traditional publishing houses and a number of hybrid publishing authors.

When I set out to do the show, I wanted to create something special.  There are a lot of podcasts that focus on business, and that’s great, but I wanted a show that focused on what makes writers tick.  The past year has not disappointed. One listener told me that Author Stories was like a Master’s degree program in creativity.  I think that’s a pretty great compliment.
I invest quite a large amount of time in this podcast.  There’s finding authors to interview, show prep, recording at all hours of the day and night, editing and maintaining all the back-end tech.  It’s a labor of love, but a time intensive one. I want to continue to bring you quality content, as a matter of fact I want to bring you more quality content.  This is where you can help. You can be an ASP All Star.

micThe podcast has a Patreon page.  Patreon is a service that allows people to support artists that are making art.  You can pledge any amount you like, from 1-2 dollars per episode or more.  That doesn’t seem like a lot, but when a group of people get together to support something, good things happen.  If we reach $100 per episode pledged, I will start releasing 2 episodes per week.  That will mean more quality content and more insight from authors you respect.

Another perk for Patrons is that each month I will post a special author round table that will only be available to Patreon subscribers.  These shows are always popular because you get to hear authors interact with one another, and something magical happens when you get a group of creative people together.

The podcast this past year has played a part in some big book launches, sales and events.  If you are an author or publisher that has a book launching, or a sale that you would like to promote, contact me at to talk about adding a featured segment to promote your work.

Look at these amazing guests we’ve had this year, and here’s to an even better year two!

Jason Gurley

Michael Bunker

Jimmy Moore

Nick Cole

Jennifer Ellis

Samuel Peralta

Chris Pourteau

Stefan Bolz

Weston Ochse

Dan Wells

E. E. Giorgi

Lesley Smith

Susan Kaye Quinn

Jasinda Wilder

Rob McClellan

Richard Gleaves

Matthew Mather

Moshe Feder

Kevin G. Summers

Ellen Campbell

Kim Wells

Hank Garner

Forbes West

Mary Anne Edwards

Simon Whistler

John Edwards

Eric Tozzi

David Bruns

J. R. Olson

Daniel Arthur Smith

David Gatewood

Wendy Paine Miller

Armand Rosamilia

Peter Orullian

Mary Buckham

Lucas Bale

Libby Hawker

Ernie Lindsey

Russell Blake

Amy Hale

Michael Patrick Hicks

Rysa Walker

M. Louisa Locke

Andy Weir

Hugh Howey

Ted Kosmatka

and more….

Thanks for listening, and for the great feedback.  And most of all, thanks for your support.

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