Author Stories at DragonCon 2017

Over the past three years, Author Stories has experienced the kind of phenomenal growth I never imagined. With over 200 episodes and some of the very best guests in publishing, this podcast has become a favorite of many listeners. Thanks to you, the loyal listeners, I have been able to continue to grow the show in new ways and to keep ratcheting up the level of the show.

Yesterday I received an email from DragonCon, the enormous genre fiction convention in Atlanta, inviting me to cover the event as a top tier media organization. With this, they will provide me an interview space equipped with back drops and lighting for video interviews as well as the audio I normally bring you. This is an honor that few media organizations get, and rarer still for podcasts. This is a testament to the support of the audience and the support of the guest I’ve had who continually comment about the professionalism of the show and the fact that I ask the kinds of questions nobody else does.

Attending DragonCon will allow me to bring a new perspective to the show by not only interviewing some of the best authors in publishing but also actors, producers and directors, artists and many other people involved in the genres that we love. Some of the attendees this year include: Stan Lee, William Shatner, Leana Headey, Nathan Fillion, Matt Fraction, Willa Holland, John Barrowman, Matt Smith, and the list goes on and on.

This is where you come in. To attend DragonCon and to bring you the level of coverage that this deserves, I need to upgrade some equipment and secure travel and lodging. If you have learned something from this twice weekly podcast, or found motivation and encouragement for your own journey, please consider donating to help with the cost. Everyone that donates will be named as an Executive Producer for all DragonCon 2017 content. Thank you for believing in the show, and for your support. Here’s to doing great things together!

To donate to support Author Stories at DragonCon 2017, go to

Thanks to these Executive Producers for donating! We’re making a dent in it!

Will Swardstrom

Doug Bradley

Stefan Bolz

Eamon Ambrose

Rhett Bruno

Crystal Watanabe

Thomas Hickok

Philip Harris

Alexander Moore

Christopher Valin

Kat Fieler

Patricia Gilliam

Samuel Peralta

Bob Williams

Ed Gosney

RobRoy McCandless

James Slater

Rory Donahoe

Deborah Kappes-Cassidy


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