Author Stories Podcast Episode 711 | Matthew P. Gilbert Interview

Today’s author interview guest is Matthew P. Gilbert, author of the new series Sins Of The Fathers.

To stop the end of the world, they must defy a god.

Yazid Valerion is alone with the truth. The apocalypse is coming. But his warnings fall on deaf ears. His people are far more concerned about the wars of today and tomorrow than those of the past.

Eons ago, the Dead God promised a world of ash, and the time of that prophecy is now at hand. His only hope is to cross the sea with his few followers in search of ancient enemies, the Meites, and pray he can sway them to his cause. But the Meites are no mere mortals; they are powerful sorcerers prone to outbursts of destructive terror. Even if he can find them, there’s no guarantee they won’t slaughter him and his men upon first sight.

Perhaps there is no way to change the prophesy of a god. If not, then Yazid will die well. For a warrior knows, it is better to die fighting than trembling in fear of the final blow.

The battle to save the world begins in Book 1 of an Epic Fantasy Adventure Trilogy perfect for fans of Marc Alan Edelheit, Bryce O’Connor, and David Estes.

Also Available on Audible, performed by Ralph Lister.

Matt Gilbert, in addition to being a fiction author, is a professional video game developer, a veteran, a columnist for his local newspaper, and the father of three wild boys and two wild girls. He was born and raised in Woodbury, GA, and has been on watch for zombies ever since.

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