Author Stories Podcast Episode 722 | Andrea Luhman Interview

Today’s author interview guest is Andrea Luhman, author of Missing Wings: Chronicles of the Aranysargas.

Born with an ability the Veilede people of Madar believe make her, ‘one of the first to be blessed by God’, Katrina’s destiny unravels when her father is poisoned and her mother steals her into the human world to hide among those who hate her kind.
In a near fatal attempt to return home, Katrina’s stripped of her wings. The poison meant to kill her father leaves him in a degenerative state. When her eldest brother discovers she has survived, he orders her to stay in hiding. She must wait, concealed in the human world, until the danger of their father’s uncontrolled rages is contained.
Grown and adapted to the human world, Katrina encounters one of her kind. The promise of home and first love leads her into a situation capable of starting war among the Veilede. Will a human upbringing, mistakes, and the loss of her abilities bar her from reclaiming her heritage? Will unraveling the mystery of her mother’s betrayal lead her family into even greater danger?

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