Author Stories Podcast Episode 747 | Craig Martelle Talks Writing Epic Adventures And Giving Back To The Author Community

Today Craig Martelle joins me back on the show to talk about his latest adventures in writing his audience beloved brand of sci-fi adventures including the Free Trader Complete Omnibus – Books 1-9: A Cat and his Human Minions and the importance of putting positivity into the writing community.

With a vision of a world free from war, one man and a cat set out to make their fortune.

The most lucrative? Trading in tech of the ancients. If he can find it. If he can determine its value. If he can bring the tech to willing buyers.

But then everything changes. It becomes bigger than Braden and the Golden Warrior. Other sentient creatures join him on his quest.

He only wanted free trade. But there needed to be peace. And that became his mission.

All nine books of the Free Trader in one collection.

  • 1: The Free Trader of Warren Deep
  • 2: The Free Trader of Planet Vii
  • 3: Adventures on RV Traveler
  • 4: Battle for the Amazon
  • 5: Free the North!
  • 6: Free Trader on the High Seas
  • 7: Southern Discontent
  • 8: The Great Cat Rebellion
  • 9: Return to the Traveler

Join Braden, the Golden Warrior, Micah, Aadi, Skirill, and the rest on a grand adventure across the length and breadth of Planet Vii.

About Craig Martelle:

I’m retired from the Marine Corps, spending time both as enlisted and as an officer. Then I went to law school, took my law degree into business consulting where I became a business diagnostics specialist and leadership coach. I retired from that at age 52 because I was away from home way too much. That’s when I started writing full time, and I have not looked back since. This is a great ride! I have a variety of stories now since I’ve been at this for a little while, lots of short stories so you can see if you like my style. I have a number of best selling novels in categories that matter to me – space opera, military scifi, Space Marine, colonization, and genetic engineering.

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