Author Stories Podcast Episode 765 | John L. Monk Interview

Today’s author interview guest is John L. Monk, author of Mythian: A LitRPG and GameLit Fantasy Series (Chronicles of Ethan Book 1.

Retirement means immortality. Immortality means adventure. Life begins at seventy.

Running on the world’s fastest quantum computer is a very special game: one where retirees leave their flesh-and-blood lives in search of endless adventure. Weapons, spells, gold, experience points… These are the marks by which life is now measured.

Ethan Crane wants none of it. In fact, he never wanted to retire at all, let alone play a game for all eternity. But now he’s on a mission to find his wife—a wife he just discovered is still alive and inside the game.

Nothing will stop him from reaching her. Not even himself.

John L. Monk lives in Virginia, USA, with his wife, Dorothy. A writer with a degree in cultural anthropology, he boldly does the dishes, roots out evil wherever it lurks, and writes his own stunts.

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