Author Stories Podcast Episode 781 | Bryan Cohen Challenges You To Make The Most From Amazon Ads

Today my author interview guest is Bryan Cohen, author of The Viral Superhero Series, 1000 Creative Writing Prompts, and educator.

On today’s show Bryan and I talk about his journey to becoming an author, as well as things he learned along the way, including how to make the most of his marketing efforts. In January, Bryan kicks off a special challenge to help authors make the most from Amazon ads. Here’s what Bryan says about it:

In January 2020, I’m running something called The 5-Day Amazon Ad Profit Challenge. It’s an event where hundreds of authors come together and go through a free course on Amazon Ads with the ultimate goal of starting a profitable ad campaign. The link isn’t live yet, but it’ll be at:

Here’s a video with more info from this past year’s challenge (don’t link to this, just informational):

Bryan Cohen is the CEO of Best Page Forward, a company that’s written over 2,500 book descriptions for the author community. He’s also the founder of Amazon Ad School and the 5-Day Amazon Ad Profit Challenge. You can find out more about the free challenge at

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