Author Stories Podcast Episode 803 | Peter Nealen Interview

Today’s author interview guest is Peter Nealen, author of Crimson Star (Maelstrom Rising Book 3).

A Volatile Situation Boils Over

While Matt Bowen and his Grex Luporum team close in on their target in Slovakia, Hank Foss has a different set of problems.

A hotbed of unrest, rampant crime, and political violence, Phoenix has plenty for a Triarii Infantry Section to do. Especially when a narco capo starts forming his own revolutionary movement.

But things can always get worse.

The power grid goes down. Desperation mounts. Chaos intensifies. Blackouts bring coordinated attacks. The system grinds to a violent halt.

And the only source of help might be a Trojan Horse.

Because the People’s Republic of China only offers aid with strings attached…
Peter Nealen is a former Recon Marine, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and something of an aspiring renaissance man. He has long been a reader of history, philosophy, folklore, science fiction, and fantasy, and is the author of fifteen published novels and several short stories in the action adventure and supernatural thriller genres.


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