Author Stories Podcast Episode 853 | Ruth Hogan Interview

Today’s author interview guest is Ruth Hogan, author of Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel.

From the wildly popular bestselling author of The Keeper of Lost Things comes a surprising and uplifting story about the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters, and the magic of chosen family.

Tilly was a bright, outgoing little girl who loved fizzy drinks, naughty words, and liked playing with ghosts and matches. When her beloved father suddenly disappeared, she and her fragile, difficult mother moved into Queenie Malone’s magnificent Paradise Hotel in Brighton, with its endearing and loving family of misfits—including the exuberant and compassionate Queenie herself. But then Tilly was dealt another shattering blow when her mother sent her off to boarding school with little explanation and no warning, and she lost her beloved chosen family.

Now an adult, Tilda has grown into an independent woman still damaged by her mother’s unaccountable cruelty. Wary of people, her only true friend is her dog, Eli. When her estranged mother dies, Tilda returns to Brighton and the home she loved best. With the help of the still-dazzling Queenie, she sets about unraveling the mystery of her exile from The Paradise Hotel, only to discover that her mother was not the woman she thought she knew at all…and that it’s never too late to write your own happy ending.

With Ruth Hogan’s trademark quirky, clever, and life-affirming characters, Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel will dazzle readers and mesmerize them until they reach the surprising twist at the end.

Ruth Hogan was brought up in a house full of books and grew up with an unsurprising passion for reading and writing. She studied English and Drama at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She worked ten years at local government before a car accident left her unable to work full-time. In 2012, she was diagnosed with cancer. When chemo kept her up all night, she passed the time writing and the eventual result was The Keeper of Lost Things (her first novel) which became an international bestseller. She now lives in a chaotic Victorian house with an assortment of rescue dogs and her husband.

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