Author Stories Podcast Episode 996 | Daniel Carson On Writing Mysteries

Today’s author interview guest is Daniel Carson aka Daniel Kenney who returns to the show to talk all about finding your niche in publishing and writing mysteries with his Hope Walker Mystery series.

A funny cozy mystery series full of bold women, a quirky and lovable town, and one seriously hopeless romance.

The First Book of Season Two of the Hope Walker Mysteries!

While Hope Walker is recovering from the events of Christmas Eve… a funny thing happens.

A strange photograph appears.

And a curious investigative reporter like Hope Walker smells a story.

This time, the story leads her and her best friend Katie to Nebraska.

Appleton Falls, Nebraska

Will Appleton Falls give Hope the answers she’s always wanted?

And will she ever stop finding dead bodies?

Order the sixth book in the Hope Walker Mysteries, A Hopeless Journey, today!

Five Star Praise For The Hope Walker Mysteries

“I really think this series and each book has the perfect mix of humor, mystery, real life, and suspense.”

“I love this series. Carson has me guessing the whole time!”

“This book is every bit as good as the first! I can’t get enough of Hope and the rest of the gang. An engaging plot, and laugh out loud humor make it difficult to put this book down.”

“I absolutely enjoyed reading this cozy mystery. It had everything I look forward to in a mystery and once started I couldn’t put it down.”

The Hope Walker Mysteries

– Book One – A Hopeless Murder – May 2018
– Book Two – A Hopeless Heist – September 2018
– Book Three – A Hopeless Discovery – June 2019
– Book Four – A Hopeless Game – October 2019
– Book Five – A Hopeless Christmas – December 2019

– Book Six – A Hopeless Journey – July 2020
– Book Seven – A Hopeless Valentine (Coming Fall 2020)
– Book Eight – A Hopeless Sheriff (Release TBD)
– Book Nine – A Hopeless Barbecue (Release TBD)
– Book Ten – A Hopeless Storm (Release TBD)

Daniel Carson lives in Nebraska with his wife and their perfect adoring children who have never ever misbehaved. Not once. Honest.

His days are a mixture of… teaching, cooking, driving, cleaning, more cooking, lots more driving, cleaning and more driving. So much driving. When the children finally go to bed, Daniel writes stories.

The Hope Walker Mysteries is a cozy mystery series with action, humor, and just a bit of romance. A Hopeless Murder is the first book in the series.

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