Author Stories Podcast Episode 1187 | Evan Gow Interview

On this special edition of Author Stories I welcome Evan Gow, founder of StoryOrigin.

StoryOrigin is a marketing tool and a community of authors working together to build their mailing lists, increase their sales, and find reviewers.

StoryOrigin helps you create a landing page for your reader magnet. Typically, a reader magnet is a 10,000-20,000-word short story or prequel to your series. It could also be a sample version of one of your existing books, or it could be Book One in your series. If you’re writing nonfiction, your reader magnet might be a tip sheet or a worksheet.

Your reader magnet is something you give to people when they sign up to your mailing list. StoryOrigin provides a mechanism to create a landing page for that reader magnet. We handle the delivery of that file and help readers get the digital file onto their preferred reading devices.

Once you have a landing page on StoryOrigin, you can cross-promote your reader magnet with other authors in our community to help drive traffic to your landing page and get more readers to sign up for your mailing list.

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