Episode 273 | Emanuel Bergmann Interview

Emanuel Bergmann joins me today to talk about his new book The Trick, growing up in Germany before coming to the U.S., the struggles and successes of becoming a writer, the inspiration for The Trick, writing stories that help us deal with difficult circumstances, why stories matter so deeply to us, and much more.


A novel of hope, humor, and family, THE TRICK is the enchanting debut by journalist and translator Emanuel Bergmann, who uses his talent for words and imagery to craft an unforgettable story of a small boy who believes in everything and an old man who believes in nothing.

Set in early 20th century Prague and modern-day Los Angeles, THE TRICK blends a gripping WWII story with lyrical writing and a dash of humor, reminiscent of the Oscar Award-winning movie, Life is Beautiful. Readers will be swept away by Bergmann’s fresh, original writing style that is both empathetic and ironic. Bergmann draws on our fascination with magic, his family’s history being Jewish in Germany during and after WWII, and his own experience immigrating to the United States to bring to life a touching story of love and friendship—and their power to heal.

Emanuel Bergmann was born in Saarbrücken, Germany in 1972. After his high school graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to study film and journalism. He has worked for various movie studios, production companies, and independent publishers in Germany and the United States. He now makes his living teaching German, translating books, and writing articles. THE TRICK is his first novel.


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