Episode 271 | Armando Lucas Correa Interview

Today I am honored to have Armando Lucas Correa, author of the international bestseller The German Girl. In this episode we talk about his childhood in Cuba, his thoughts on the current state of the island nation, what brought him to the U.S., his entry into the world of journalism, becoming editor in chief of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, his first book based on his experience becoming a father, why he decided to tell the story of the S.S. St. Louis, his personal collection of artifacts from this voyage, and much more.


NOW IN PAPERBACK – A stunningly beautiful debut novel and instant international bestseller , THE GERMAN GIRL is the story of Hannah Rosenthal, a twelve-year-old girl who flees Nazi Germany with her family and best friend only to discover the asylum they have been promised is an illusion.

Berlin, 1939. Before everything changed, Hannah Rosenthal lived a charmed life. But now, the streets of Berlin are draped in ominous flags and Hannah is no longer welcome in the places she once considered home. A glimmer of hope appears in the shape of the St. Louis , a transatlantic ocean liner promising Jews safe passage to Cuba. At first, the liner feels like a luxury, but as they travel the circumstances of war change, and the ship that was to be their salvation seems likely to become their doom.

New York, 2014. On her twelfth birthday, Anna Rosen receives a mysterious package from an unknown relative in Cuba, her great-aunt Hannah. Its contents inspire Anna and her mother travel to Havana to learn the truth about their family’s mysterious and tragic past.

Weaving dual timeframes, and based on a true story, The German Girl is a beautifully written and deeply poignant story about generations of exiles seeking a place to call home.

Armando Lucas Correa is an award-winning journalist, editor, author, and the recipient of various awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publications, and the Society of Professional Journalism. Already an international bestseller, The German Girl is now being published in thirteen languages. He lives in New York City with his partner and their three children. Visit ArmandoLucasCorrea.com.


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