Episode 102 | Scott Pratt Interview

Episode 102 | Scott Pratt Interview


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Scott Pratt is an author of mysteries and court room dramas. I Found Scott through his book An Innocent Client, and was hooked right away. Scott has a fascinating story of not only becoming a writer, but also of taking control of his writing career and finding enormous success.

From his website:

Scott Pratt has been writing for nearly his entire life.

He started as a contributor to a high school publication, then won the McClellan Award for outstanding writing while majoring in English at East Tennessee State University.

He later worked as a newspaper reporter, columnist and editor for daily papers in Johnson City and Kingsport, Tennessee. Scott earned a law degree from the University of Tennessee in 1998 after commuting over two hundred miles a day for three years.

Scott and his wife Kristy have raised two wonderful people, Dylan and Kody, both of whom are currently pursuing their dreams at the collegiate level.

Three dogs now demand Scott’s attention at home: a German Shepherd named Rio, a Yorkshire Terrier named Pedro, and a Bichon Friese named Nacho. When he isn’t writing (which is rare!), he’s reading, watching sports, exercising, mowing his yard, or thinking about writing.

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