Episode 104 | Clones

Episode 104 | Clones



Clones: The Anthology is available NOW!

I am excited to bring you this author roundtable with some of the authors of Clones: The Anthology.

About Clones:

Human cloning.
Technology evolves faster than we do.
The law shields us from our worst temptations.
But the opportunity is there, dangling just out of reach—perfection and ascension… or delusion and destruction.

In this collection of clone-themed stories, ten of today’s top speculative fiction writers explore our morality, our built-in societal restraints, and reflect upon our state of grace.

Similar is not necessarily the same.

“CLONES: The Anthology” features stories from Amazon bestselling authors Rysa Walker (the Chronos series), R.D. Brady (the Belial series), Susan Kaye Quinn (the Singularity saga), Best American Science Fiction notable Samuel Peralta (Faith), and USA Today Bestselling and Multi-Award Winner P.K. Tyler, Daniel Arthur Smith, Hank Garner, Nathan Beauchamp, Michael Patrick Hicks, Joshua Ingle, and edited by Jessica West.


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