Episode 109 | Daniel Arthur Smith Talks Writing Pulp


canyonsMy guest this week is my friend Daniel Arthur Smith. Daniel is the publisher of, and contributor to, a fantastic pulp series called Tales from the Canyons of the Damned. Daniel joins me to talk about the importance of pulp, writing in this genre, and about writing genre fiction in general.

Daniel Arthur Smith is the author of the international bestsellers HUGH HOWEY LIVES, THE CATHARI TREASURE, THE SOMALI DECEPTION, and a few other novels and short stories.
He was raised in Michigan and graduated from Western Michigan University where he studied philosophy, with focus on cognitive science, meta-physics, and comparative religion. He began his career as a bartender, barista, poetry house proprietor, teacher, and then became a technologist and futurist for the Fortune 100 across the Americas and Europe.
Daniel has traveled to over 300 cities in 22 countries, residing in Los Angeles, Kalamazoo, Prague, Crete, and now writes in Manhattan where he lives with his wife and young sons.

For more information, visit danielarthursmith.com

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