Episode 120 | Writer’s Workshop #1 with Jessica West and Artie Cabrera

Episode 120 | Writer’s Workshop #1 with Jessica West and Artie Cabrera


Today is the first episode of the Author Stories Writer’s Workshop. I had the idea a while back to start a fork of The Author Stories Podcast where we really dig into the craft of writing. I began to ask writers if they would be interested in participating in this, and got an overwhelming response. So here it is, the first episode of the Writer’s Workshop.

The idea of the show is to have a couple of writers join me and deconstruct one of their stories. We sort of reverse engineer the creative process and find out what makes the story what it is.

For the first episode, I asked Jessica West and Artie Cabrera to join me, since we all 3 have stories in the latest edition of Tales From the Canyons of the Damned.

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