Episode 138 | Writer’s Workshop 10 with Paul and Will Swardstrom

Episode 138 | Writer’s Workshop 10 with Paul and Will Swardstrom


One of my favorite books of 2016 is Blink by the Brothers Swardstrom, Paul and Will. I asked them to come on the Writer’s Workshop to talk about their unique co-writing process and their new foray into space opera with Vigilance. These guys are fantastic writers, and I’m proud to call them friends.

About Paul:

When I write I am looking to go on a journey. Sometimes it is a journey of discovery and sometimes it is an adventure. Whatever the journey I hope that it is a journey that the reader will want to travel with me.

I am a husband and a father, a music teacher by day and family man at night. I write when I can and am enjoying the ride.

A Sun Devil who grew up all over but remembers Michigan fondly, I have settled in Oregon

About Will:

Will Swardstrom is a speculative fiction author. He has two full length novels, Dead Sleep and Dead Sight, and is at work on the finale in the trilogy.
He also has three stories in The Future Chronicles anthology series (Uncle Allen in The Alien Chronicles, Z Ball in The Z Chronicles, and The Control in The Immortality Chronicles). Each of those anthologies has charted in the Top 5 on the SF Anthology list and The Alien Chronicles reached as high as #6 on the Overall Top 100 List. The Control from The Immortality Chronicles has been nominated for Best American Science Fiction.
He also has a few stories set in Hugh Howey’s WOOL Universe among his various other short stories and novellas. He lives in Southern Illinois with his wife and two kids.

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