Episode 149 | Stefan Bolz on Lessons From NaNoWriMo

Stefan Bolz Interview about NaNoWriMo

Episode 149 | Stefan Bolz on Lessons From NaNoWriMo


Stefan Bolz Interview about NaNoWriMo

Stefan Bolz joins me to look back on NaNoWriMo and we talk about taking the lessons we learned and discuss how we can apply them to our year long writing.

About Stefan:

Born and raised in the Main River Valley in Germany, Stefan came to the U.S. in 1996 where he settled in upstate New York. He grew up on German poetry, soccer, Nutella, and American music. His love of writing began to surface in 1999 (yes, he was thinking about the Prince song while he wrote this sentence). He studied screen writing for five years during which time he wrote a bunch of scripts (one of them came dangerously close to being optioned). After that, there was a foray into poetry and essays on life and existential questions. That brought him to his first novel, The Three Feathers, a fable about a young rooster who follows a dream to search for the meaning of life and finds it in the friendship to a wolf and a war horse. While writing it, he realized that writing has been his own dream all along. Now, four novels, one novella, and a bunch of short stories later, he still feels the same way. You can find him at www.stefanbolz.thirdscribe.com.

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