Episode 168 | Dan Kinney Interview

Episode 168 | Dan Kinney Interview

Amazon best-selling Middle-Grade author Dan Kenney is my guest today. Dan and I discussed:

  • The importance of finding the thing you were meant to do
  • Realizing it’s never too late
  • The difference in Middle Grade and YA
  • Writing for you audience
  • Marketing to tough to reach audiences
  • E-books vs paper copies
  • Why he decided to write a book for adults
  • and much more

About Dan:

Daniel Kenney is the Amazon best-selling author of The Math Inspectors which has been ranked #1 in the categories of Children’s Detective Books AND in Intermediate Readers. He writes funny and fast-paced books for kids ages 7-13. When he’s not writing or drawing, he and his wife raise their eight children in a very large shoe and ride dragons with the little spare time they have left. He studied Mathematics and played football in College, he has the largest ears you have ever seen, and he once cleaned out a house that had 34 cats. To this day, it is his finest achievement. And seven years later, he still has the rash to prove it.

Find Dan’s website at DanielKenney.com

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