Episode 177 | Ed Gosney Interview

My guest today is my good friend Ed Gosney. Ed is a fantastic writer and a bit of a comics historian. Today we talk about Ed’s path to becoming an author, which took a surprising detour through military journalism, our mutual love of comics, why we love heroes, balancing writing and life, and much more.


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Ed’s Cool Comics Blog
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About Ed:

Ed Gosney grew up in the small river town of Martins Ferry, Ohio, near Wheeling, West Virginia. He claims it was a magical place that helped mold his imagination, as he spent countless hours roaming the hills, playing in a cave, and hanging out at the Ohio River with his childhood friends.

The author of several indie short stories and the novels Prometheus Stumbles and Transmutations, Ed also regularly blogs about comic book nostalgia on his website, www.edgosney.com. His most recent story appears in the anthology The Jurassic Chronicles, which released in January.

A graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in English Education, Ed also served in the Army, becoming a Journalist and the editor of the Army post newspaper, and is currently a proposal writer in the financial industry.

If you’d like to guest blog at Ed’s website, contact him at edgosney.com


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Check out Ed Gosney’s Internet Comics Archive at EdGosney.com. Ed would love to have you as a guest contributor on his blog. I did, you can check it out here.





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