Episode 184 | Draft2Digital/Author Stories Live Hangout With Kevin Tumlinson

Episode 184 | Draft2Digital/Author Stories Live Hangout With Kevin Tumlinson

Tuesday night Kevin Tumlinson and I did a live show on YouTube where we talked about publishing wide vs being exclusive to Amazon or any other retailer. We took audience questions, talked about where publishing is heading in the future, marketing yourself, and much more.


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Kevin Tumlinson’s website

About Kevin:

Kevin Tumlinson is the Wordslinger—Author and Host of the Wordslinger Podcast. Kevin has dozens of novels, novellas, and non-fiction books available and is producing more every day. He currently lives in Pearland, Texas, with his amazing wife Kara and their awesomely feisty chihuahua-terrier, Mini.

Kevin helps will-be authors start their book businesses through his weekly podcasts and through books like 30-Day Author.

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