Episode 209 | RobRoy McCandless Interview

Episode 209 | RobRoy McCandless Interview

In Episode 209 my guest is R. A. McCandless, author of Tears of Heaven and Hell Becomes Her. In this show, we had aa ton of fun talking about his lifelong desire to become a writer, how stories cause us to interact with each other, finding your voice as a writer, why urban fantasy, writing as a profession vs. writing for love, collecting rejections then finding success, and much more.


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About R. A. McCandless

R.A. McCandless has been a writer both professionally and creatively for nearly two decades. He was born under a wandering star that led to a degree in Communication and English with a focus on creative writing. He is the author of the urban fantasy novel “Tears of Heaven” and “Hell Become Her” (due 2015). His short stories have appeared in “Nine Heroes: Tales of Heroic Fantasy”, “In Shambles” and “Gears, Gadgets, and Steam”. He continues to research and write historical and genre fiction, battle sprinklers, and play with his three boys.





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