Episode 255 | Dave Rudden Interview

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On Episode 255, Dave Rudden joins me to chat about writing middle grade fiction, his journey from small village to city life and how that transition opened him up to a world of artistic expression, writing on the internet, critique partners, leveling up his writing thanks to a computer crash, turning a college assignment into his first sale to a major publisher, finding an audience, teaching kids about writing, and much more.


About Dave Rudden:

Dave Rudden is the author of the award-winning novel Knights of the Borrowed Dark, and its sequel, The Forever Court (Random House Kids) His short stories and non-fiction have been featured in the Irish Times, The Guardian and the Stinging Fly, and he regularly performs on Down Below The Reservoir, Ireland’s first horror fiction podcast. Find out more or book him for an event at daverudden.com.

Knights of the Borrowed Dark

Every shadow is a door. Every nightfall brings danger. There are things who look like people, things that feed on people, things that lurk in the dark. Fortunately for humanity, standing between us and the shadows are the Knights of the Borrowed Dark. Unfortunately for Denizen Hardwick, he’s one of them…


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