Episode 268 | Stefan Bolz Interview

Today my friend Stefan Bolz joins me to talk about all things writing and the creative process, NaNoWriMo, updates on the film project for his story The Traveler, The White Dragon series, Six String, where stories come from, the difference between writing novels and short stories, and much more.


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About Stefan Bolz:

Born and raised in the beautiful Main River Valley in Germany, Stefan came to the U.S. in 1996 where he settled in upstate New York. He grew up on German poetry, soccer, Nutella, and American music. After coming to the US, he studied creative writing/screenwriting and psychology. Next came a foray into poetry and essays on life and existential questions which brought him to his first novel, The Three Feathers, a fable about a young rooster who follows his dream and jumps the coop in search for adventure. While in the midst of it, he realized that writing has been his own dream all along. He doesn’t like to be pinned down in only one genre. He feels at home in Science Fiction, Dystopia, Apocalyptic, Literary, Horror, and Fantasy. He has contributed short stories to several anthologies, including Samuel Peralta’s award winning Future Chronicles. One of those short story, “The Traveler,” has been optioned to become a feature film. You can find him at www.stefanbolz.thirdscribe.com.

“Stefan Bolz is a remarkable author, whose writing is not merely inventive but lyrical, almost mystical. You can’t help but fall under the spell of the worlds he creates, the characters he gives life to. He’s one of that vanguard of authors bringing speculative fiction into a new silver age.” — Samuel Peralta, Award Winning Author and Creator of ‘The Future Chronicles’


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