Episode 378 | Ekta Garg Interview

Today’s author interview is with Ekta Garg, freelance writer, editor, reviewer, and fiction author.


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Whether you want to take a trip through time, go on an adventure in your
back yard, or feel a burst of excitement only to have to return to an adult reality, each story has something for every reader who wants to feel like a child or be part of a life many children have led before. Take a trip down memory lane or pull your child into your lap and see the world through their eyes. In this second anthology written by members of Authors’ Tale, both light and heavy themes bring out the child in almost every genre. This year’s anthology features many stories about young hearts and some written for young-at-hearts. These tales will make any reader feel nostalgic or even open their eyes to something they never considered—something that will challenge their view of what childhood can really be like.

Following the completion in 2002 of her MSJ in magazine publishing from Northwestern University, Ekta Garg’s career in publishing started in 2005 when she became the editor for all special projects out of Community Newspapers, Inc., (now Pamplin Media Group) in Portland, Oregon. Since then she’s enjoyed a tremendous amount of diversity in her career, freelance writing, and editing about everything from healthcare to home improvement to Hindi films. In 2010, as the mother of two young children, Ekta added blogging to her resume by starting The Write Edge at http://thewriteedge.wordpress.com. The blog and its three extension blogs give her a place to share her short fiction, book reviews, and parenting adventures.

As a book reviewer for Bookpleasures.com and Netgalley.com, Ekta gets to stay up way too late reading advanced reviewer copies of new adventures by experienced and upcoming authors alike. She also uses The Write Edge as a dynamic communication tool for those interested in hiring her as an editor for their writing projects. She’s met many talented people along the way in the incredible opportunities she’s received to edit short stories, memoirs, how-to books, anthologies, and (her first love) novels.

When not writing and editing, Ekta spends time with friends (the ones other people can see) and ponders just how she came to be so blessed by a husband who loves her and by two beautiful daughters who astound her on a regular basis.

The Write Edge at https://thewriteedge.wordpress.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ekta.r.garg



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