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Each episode we bring you the story behind the stories and the storytellers. Today to celebrate our 500th episode we bring you the story behind Author Stories. Over the past four years, we have recorded over five hundred author interviews (many are recorded that haven’t aired yet) and we have built lasting relationships that we cherish. Listen in today to hear why we started the show, what the name means, what our initial goals were and why the show is essentially the same as when we started, what we hope to accomplish in the future and much more.

Thanks to all of the authors that have participated throughout the years, we really appreciate you and your contributions. Thanks to Brad Thor, Kyle Mills, Mindy Mejia, Patricia Gilliam, Jack Carr, Gill Paul, Sheena Kamal, Matthew Betley, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, and Tina Alexis Allen for sending in congratulations for episode 500.

Be sure to look through the archives to find an author interview you might have missed. 

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