Episode 501 | Joseph Fink Interview

Today’s author interview guest is Joseph Fink, author of Alice Isn’t Dead and creator of Welcome to Nightvale.


From the New York Times bestselling co-author of It Devours! and Welcome to Night Vale comes a fast-paced thriller about a truck driver searching across America for the wife she had long assumed to be dead.

“This isn’t a story. It’s a road trip.”

Keisha Taylor lived a quiet life with her wife, Alice, until the day that Alice disappeared. After months of searching, presuming she was dead, Keisha held a funeral, mourned, and gradually tried to get on with her life. But that was before Keisha started to see her wife, again and again, in the background of news reports from all over America. Alice isn’t dead, and she is showing up at every major tragedy and accident in the country.

Following a line of clues, Keisha takes a job with a trucking company, Bay and Creek Transportation, and begins searching for Alice. She eventually stumbles on an otherworldly conflict being waged in the quiet corners of our nation’s highway system—uncovering a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman.

“There are too few of these sorts of novels in the world, where queer people get to have clichéd adventures against the same worn-but-still-exciting backdrops that persist in fiction….Fans of black and white good-versus-evil tropes, road trip stories, and slow burn horror will delight in Alice Isn’t Dead.” (New York Journal of Books)

“While his anxiety is often crippling, Fink has channeled that fear into writing some of the most engrossing supernatural stories out there today. Readers who cope with a similar disposition are sure to identify with the book’s two main characters, Alice and Keisha, who navigate their own anxieties in an exceptionally terrifying atmosphere.” (Booklist)

“Humdrum reality spins along under our wheels: life, love, work—until a kink in the road takes us deep into the land of Joseph Fink, who builds tarmac that isn’t quite of this world.” (Laurie R. King, New York Times bestselling author of Island of the Mad)

“This spooky third novel by Welcome to Night Vale creator Fink (It Devours!, 2017, etc.) is similarly based on an original podcast and offers a more threatening but equally personal take on the horror genre. . .. . A terrifying new storytelling experience that affirms, even in our darkest moments, that love conquers all.” (Kirkus Reviews (starred review))

“ . . . .Thrilling . . . Creator of the popular Welcome to Night Vale podcast, Fink (It Devours! with Jeffrey Cranor) fills his world with fully realized characters, from Keisha, who uses her grief and anxiety to give herself strength, to Sylvia, the runaway teenager who fights against the Thistle Men who killed her mom. Fans of eerie suspense will find much to like.” (Publishers Weekly)

“Ultimately an endorsement of everyday heroism and community, Alice Isn’t Dead resonates as a love story, a road trip novel and a campfire tale that taps into our most primal fears.” (Shelf Awareness)

Joseph Fink is the co-author of the New York Times bestselling novels It Devours! and Welcome to Night Vale.  He created the Welcome to Night Vale and Alice Isn’t Dead podcasts and the Night Vale Presents podcast network with his writing and creative partner Jeffrey Cranor.  His novel ALICE ISN’T DEAD publishes on October 30th in hardcover from Harper Perennial.  He lives with his wife in New York.

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