Episode 515 | R. J. Pineiro Interview

Today’s author interview guest is R. J. Pineiro, author of the new book Avenue of Regrets. R. J. and I talk about his life-long love of story, his history of working in tech while being a lover of military and political thrillers, the perils of writing so close to world events, writing his first book, his more than 20-year writing career, his experience switching from big sprawling epics to closer first-person thriller, and much more.

This book will keep you up at night turning pages. It’s that good.


“A superb psychological thriller.” –Douglas Preston   

“With twists and turns worthy of Hitchcock.” —Publishers Weekly
Rife with suspense and character detail.” –Kirkus Reviews
A man becomes entangled in a conspiracy of crime and deceit with ties to a seven-year-old murder charge for which he received an acquittal.
I was happy once. I just didn’t know it. I had a family. I had friends. I had a good job. And one day it all ended.
There are defining moments in people’s lives; times forever etched in our minds. Some are good. Others not so. For David Wallace, there was no worse time than receiving the news of his family’s death while confined to a jail cell on murder charges.
Seven years later, David has moved on with his life having started a non-profit shelter for battered women, still haunted by the indiscretion which changed his world forever. But there are dark forces in play demanding a reckoning. As he’s besieged by past demons, David discovers enemies and crimes so heinous, and so far-reaching, they threaten to propel him down another avenue of regrets . . .
Born in Cuba and raised in Central America, R.J. Pineiro spent his early years in the midst of civil wars before he migrated to the United States in the late 1970s, first to Florida, where he attended Florida Air Academy in Melbourne.  There, RJ earned his pilot’s license and high school diploma in 1979, before heading to Louisiana for college.

R.J. earned a degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana State University in 1983 and joined the high-tech industry in Austin Texas, where he worked in computer chip design, test, and manufacturing, before retiring in 2012 to focus full time on his books.

In addition to his high-tech work, R.J. added an instrument rating to his private pilot privileges.  He also holds a black belt in martial arts, is a firearms enthusiast, and enjoys the privileges of his Open Water SCUBA certification. 

In the late 1980s R.J. began studying to become a novelist.  As he read every chance he had, from classical literature to contemporary novels, R.J.’s love of storytelling became uncontrollable. Using an aging personal computer, he decided to start his writing career. Once he began, he never stopped.

His first published work, SIEGE OF LIGHTNING, a novel about a sabotaged space shuttle, was released by Berkley/Putnam in May of 1993.  His second novel, ULTIMATUM, about a second Gulf War scenario, was released the following year, 1994, by Forge Books, which went on to publish R.J.’s next 12 novels over the following 13 years.

In 2015, R.J. teamed up with TV News military analyst Colonel David Hunt to kick off the “Hunter Stark Book Series.”  The first book in the series, WITHOUT MERCY, about ISIS gaining acquiring nuclear weapons, was released on 3.7.17.  The second book, WITHOUT FEAR, about the war in Afghanistan, was released on 8.7.18

In 2017, R.J. also teamed up with New York Times bestselling author Joe Weber.  The result is ASHES OF VICTORY, a novel of global terrorism and international conflict released by Ignition Books on 9.3.18

In 2018, R.J. penned his nineteenth novel, AVENUE OF REGRETS, a mystery revolving around sex trafficking and domestic abuse.  Check it out on 11.16.18 from Auspicious Apparatus Press.

R.J. married his college sweetheart 35 years ago, Lory Pineiro, an artist and jewelry designer.  They have one son, Cameron & Daughter-in-Law Sarah, and two crazy dogs, Coco and Zea.


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