Episode 518 | RescueTime CEO Robby Macdonell Interview

Today I have a very special show for you with my guest Robby Macdonell, CEO of RescueTime. I reached out to Robby because I was fascinated by his product RescueTime and wanted to know more about how a tool like his could help writers and other creative people. Procrastination and the distractions of technology are often mentioned by writers as hindrances from getting “in the zone” and staying there. Robby and I talk about RescueTime and how it can specifically help writers, but also the story behind this product, making vs. managing, managing home life vs work life, working from home and the unique challenges that come with it, and much more.


Robby Macdonell has played key roles in design and user experience at startups for over a decade. A strong advocate for data-informed personal improvement, he loves connecting people with information that will positively impact their lives. He lives in Nashville, TN, but is a vegetarian so if you have any questions about Nashville hot chicken he’s the wrong guy to ask.


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