Episode 522 | Ann Howard Creel Interview

Today’s author interview guest is Ann Howard Creel, author of The River Widow.


From the bestselling author of The Whiskey Sea comes a stirring novel of a young woman’s survival and liberation during the Great Depression.

In 1937, with flood waters approaching, Adah Branch accidentally kills her abusive husband, Lester, and surrenders his body to the raging river, only to be swept away herself.

So begins her story of survival, return to civilization, defense against accusations of murder, and the fight to save herself and her stepdaughter, Daisy, from the clutches of her husband’s notoriously cruel family, who have their sights set on revenge for Lester’s death. Essentially trapped, Adah must plan an escape.

But when she develops feelings for the one person essential to her plan’s success, she faces a painful choice: Will she choose to risk everything saving Daisy or take the new life offered by a loving man?

About Ann Howard Creel

Have you ever experienced a this-cannot-be-happening-to-me moment? In her novels, Ann Howard Creel puts her characters in that position. Strong female characters face unforeseen obstacles and then have to make life-changing decisions. In her new novel, THE RIVER WIDOW, a former tarot-card reader turned widow and stepmother must escape the clutches of an evil family while also facing the crime she herself has committed.

When asked where she gets her ideas, Ann answers, “From history.” She doesn’t know when the muse will strike, but often while she’s reading about history, an image forms in her mind. The spark for THE RIVER WIDOW came while learning about The Great Flood of 1937 along the Ohio River. Ann immediately envisioned a woman dragging her abusive husband’s body to the river to let floodwaters take it away. Rather strange, she knows.

When Ann’s first book was published, she experienced a this-cannot-be-happening-to-me moment in a very good way. Besides writing, her other interests include old houses, new yoga routines, red wine, and all things cat. She currently lives in Paris, Kentucky. For book clubs, Ann will visit you via Skype. Contact her through her website: www.annhowardcreel.com.

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