Episode 6 with Samuel Peralta

Episode 6 with Samuel Peralta


This week I have Dr. Samuel Peralta.   Dr. Peralta is a poet and author of speculative fiction.  I met Dr. Peralta through Jason Gurley.  Since Jason introduced us, I have read through all of Dr. Peralta’s short fiction, and he has quickly become one of my all time favorite writers.  I know you will enjoy hearing from him as much as I enjoyed chatting with him.

 From his website: 

Samuel Peralta is a physicist and storyteller.

The titles set in his Labyrinth universe have begun to garner praise from readers, with several short stories released and a novel series in the works.

The titles in the Semaphore collection were all #1 Amazon Kindle Hot New Releases, and ranked at the top of the Bestseller lists, in their category.

He has been recognized with awards from the BBC, UK Poetry Society, Digital Literature Institute, a Palanca Award, and shortlists for the League of Canadian Poets, Elgin Award, ARC Poem of the Year, Amazon and GoodReads.

With a growing following for both the Semaphore and Labyrinth series, Peralta continues to strive to be at the forefront of the new literary renaissance.


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