Episode 8 with Stefan Bolz


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My guest this week is Stefan Bolz, author of The Three Feathers and The Fourth Sage.

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At the last moment, I had a hardware failure and had to conduct the interview on a different computer.  The audio quality suffered a little, but Stefan saved the day with his quick wit and great conversational skill.  Thanks Stefan!

About Stefan:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke.

I write stories of hope and splendor, of friendships and of the power that lies hidden in all of us.

I began writing screenplays in 2000. One of them came dangerously close to being optioned. From there, it was poetry and mostly self reflective essays. Then The Three Feathers came along and after that, three more, including The Dawning of the True Self (non-fiction), The Fourth Sage (Part 1 of The Circularity Saga), and Dark World. There are at least four more books in there somewhere. I love to write and spending time with my characters (even though they can be fairly demanding at times).

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