Episode 97 | David Bruns and J.R. Olson Kickstart JIHADI APPRENTICE


Introducing Jihadi Apprentice, the sequel to Weapons of Mass Deception

As the Two Navy Guys, we write about the big issues of our time. Jihadi Apprentice is a “ripped from the headlines” novel about homegrown radicalization in America’s heartland. Set in Minneapolis, Jihadi Apprentice follows the recruitment and manipulation of a Somali teenager as she is groomed to take action against the country of her birth—the United States. On the other side of the action is FBI Special Agent Liz Soroush, a return character from WMD, who is leading a task force to counter the trend of homegrown violent extremism.

As with Weapons of Mass Deception, we take a world view of the problem, with plenty of action scenes in Somalia, Tehran, and Africa that include some of your favorite characters from WMD.

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