Episode Nineteen with Richard Gleaves

Episode Nineteen with Richard Gleaves


This week my guest is the author of Rise Headless and Rise, Richard Gleaves.  Richard is the composer, lyricist and playwright of Dorian, World and Time Enough, The Golden Days, Oswald on Ice, Omniscience and Adrenaline Junkie. He is winner of BMI’s 2004 Harrington Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement, and is composer-in-residence for New Music New York.

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JASON CRANE is a series of books re-visiting and reinventing Classic American Ghost Fiction: Book One and Book Two set Jason Crane, a modern descendant of Ichabod, against Hadewych Van Brunt, a descendant of Brom Bones, in a new Legend of Sleepy Hollow: set in the modern village, incorporating its landmarks, geography, and local history.

The JASON CRANE series is unique in that every location in the book (aside from characters homes) is a real place– every rock, every tree, every street name or restaurant. The books pay complete respect to the modern locations, giving visitors to Sleepy Hollow, Salem etc., the experience of stepping into the world of the characters. No theme park necessary — The Worlds of Jason Crane are there to explore, created by history, geography and the works of great authors.



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