Episode Sixteen with Rob McClellan

Episode Sixteen with Rob McClellan


For the month of December, I decided to do a series of shows that stray from the typical format of Author Stories.  Normally, I interview an author and we talk about the creative process and their own personal journey.  I quickly realized that the world of publishing is a multi-layered thing, made up of people that not only ‘put pen to paper’ as it were, but also people that support authors and help them do what they do best.

On this special episode, my guest is Rob McClellan, founder of ThirdScribe.  ThirdScribe is a service that connects authors with readers in a new and innovative way.  While Rob says that he is not an author (but after talking with him, I disagree.  I think you all should help me encourage Rob to pursue this 😉  .  ) he is doing something really cool and innovative for the community.  Here is an info-graphic that they put together to help understand what ThirdScribe does.

Rob and I talk about how he got the idea for this innovative service, the publishing landscape, what new (and established) authors can do to promote themselves and their work, and much, much more.





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