Episode Sixty Five | Halloween Special Richard Gleaves Interview


generalThis is a special Halloween bonus episode. I interview Richard Gleaves about his new book The General of the Dead, which is the third book in his Sleepy Hollow trilogy. Richard and I discuss ghost stories, the real history of Sleepy Hollow, and how he brought authenticity to the stories by touring and writing at the scene of the legends.

About Richard:

RICHARD GLEAVES is the composer, lyricist and playwright of Dorian, World and Time Enough, The Golden Days, Oswald on Ice, Omniscience and Adrenaline Junkie. He is winner of BMI’s 2004 Harrington Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement, and is composer-in-residence for New Music New York.

In collaboration with Guides Who Know, Richard is editor and composer of Monuments of Manhattan, a videoguide for Android devices.

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4 thoughts on “Episode Sixty Five | Halloween Special Richard Gleaves Interview

  1. I absolutely fell in love with “Rise Headless and Ride”, and had the honor of beta-reading both “Bridge of Bones” and “General of the Dead”. Richard is fantastically talented as you know! Your interview is a real treat.

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