Episode Twenty Nine with Simon Whistler


When I first got into self publishing, one of the first podcasts I listened to was the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast with Simon Whistler.  Simon has built a platform that supports indie authors and shares their secretes of success.  I am thankful and indebted to Simon for all I have learned from him and his guests.

Simon is also a publisher and last year he released a book titled Audiobooks for Indies: The One-Stop Guide for Authors Looking to Make More Money Selling Audiobooks.  Simon also drops an exclusive announcement about his new book just for listeners of Author Stories.

Find Simon at http://rockingselfpublishing.com/




4 thoughts on “Episode Twenty Nine with Simon Whistler

  1. I recently did an interview for Simon’s podcast, so it’s interesting to hear his story, especially how he got into audiobook narration and his process in writing Audiobook for Indies. Thanks for interviewing him; it’s cool to connect with bright, creative, innovative people. I enjoyed the podcast a lot.

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