New book alert: Jason Anspach – 'til Death

New book alert: Jason Anspach – 'til Death

Jason Anspach 'til DeathI thought I would bring a new book to your attention this morning. Jason Anspach released his debut novel this morning called ’til Death. I just downloaded it to my Kindle and you should too.  The book is just 99 cents, or you can read it free if you have Kindle Unlimited. Jason is smart and funny, and he’s good people. I highly recommend his work.

Sam Rockwell is a fledgling private investigator specializing in Returns, or, recently deceased ghosts with unfinished business. After his no-nonsense father is murdered and comes back, Sam takes the case hoping for a big break and a chance to win the heart of his Girl Friday.

Short on experience and long on the swagger of the dog-eared pulp fiction he keeps in his desk, Rockwell sets out to find his father’s killer only to find himself caught up in a deadly game of Cold War Intrigue at its most horrific as the Doomsday Clock inches closer to permanent midnight in this witty throwback to the Golden Age of Hollywood noire.



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  1. This book sounds amazing! Everyone should go and buy a copy of it and Writer’s Block. Right now! No waiting!

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      Buy 10 to give to your friends!

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