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You might have seen a post on Facebook that I shared the week following the Thanksgiving holiday about some members of our family that were in a head on collision. My niece and her two young children were on their way to school when another driver crossed over the center line and hit them head on. My niece, the driver, was 7 months pregnant and had to have an emergency c-section upon arriving at the hospital; Michelle has had to have several surgeries to fix broken bones, and reconstruct her ankle and foot.

Baby Evie was born 10 weeks premature and has a long hospital stay ahead of her and faces some health challenges from being  born so premature as well as the trauma of the wreck. This family is very special to us and they face a lot of challenges in the near future.

You, the Author Stories family, have proven yourselves time and again to be the most caring of any I have ever encountered. In this season of giving that so often gets overrun with commercialism, I hope you will consider helping this family that has genuine needs and could use your love and support.


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