Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is a Kindle Countdown Deal for 99 cents

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is a Kindle Countdown Deal for 99 cents

7s7sSeventh Son of a Seventh Son is a Kindle Countdown deal and currently priced at just 99 cents. 

Oliver Webber has a secret. In fact, his family have been the keepers of this secret for thousands of years. What he doesn’t know is that the ancient evil that his family has guarded has just been loosed, and Oliver is the only person on earth that can stop it. People everywhere are disappearing, an evil madman dead-set on ripping the very fabric of our existence, and a demon possessed civil war general seeking revenge, set the Mississippi Delta on the edge of annihilation. Oliver Webber, along with his girlfriend, his dog, and a crazy conspiracy nut, fight against time, and a secret death cult, to find his destiny as the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son mixes elements of magical realism, time travel, alternate history, and urban fantasy with a coming of age tale with heart.

Nick Cole called 7S7S “A twisty time thriller that will have you rooting for the hero, and absolutely terrified by a nightmare out of the past.”

Here’s what some other folks are saying:

“Being the seventh son means you are a secret keeper. So what happens when your secrets come charging down Main Street in broad daylight? This was a very cool story full of suspense and mystery. It had great characters and a fast-moving plot full of twists. Definitely worth checking out for fans of suspense and horror.” – Colby Zoeller

“When I read Hank Garner’s Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, I kept loving it, seeing Garner’s growth as an author with a fantastically creative novel. The first thing I read of Garner’s was Mulligan, and while it was good, there were a few pacing issues that sometimes could keep the reader distant from the action. In Seventh Son, Garner has amped up the action and keeps his characters moving with a clear motive and momentum throughout the book. Even the characters are not always who we think they are and their actions go against the grain at times, adding to the intrigue.
I remember first hearing about Garner’s book when it was tied to the Apocalypse Weird series, but somewhere along the way, Garner separated it from that universe. It is clear Garner’s book can stand on its own, with a full realized backstory going back thousands of years to set up the action that takes place simultaneously in 1865 as well as the present day.
Our main protagonist, Oliver, is the title character who is tasked with being the secret keeper for his family’s legacy. The main problem is that the life he was destined for arrives when he least expects it and the secrets he protects are even a secret to him. As he tries to figure out what he is meant for, and who is actually is, the reader is taken on a great ride of ancient sacrifices, futuristic travelers, and secret organizations.
I loved Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and look forward to the next book from Mr. Garner.” – Will Swardstrom

“What does it mean to be a seventh son of a seventh son? Well in Oliver’s case it means keeping secrets… Big secrets, generational secrets. His Dad is instructing him but life goes sideways before his training is completed, and his dad disappears… And the ending, well let’s just say “mind blown.” Get this awesome new book by Hank Garner and enjoy!!!” – Lonnie Moore

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