So many things

So many things

The first full week of the year is underway and I’ve been taking stock of where I am. I don’t really do resolutions, but I do use the first of the year as a way to look back on the last year and assess where I am. I’m pretty pleased with the last year, but there’s always room for growth.

Last year I promised to blog more. I didn’t do a great job of that, mostly because I was just swamped with work all the time. This year is twice as busy, but let’s see how it goes.

Enough of that, this is not a blog post about how busy I am. This is a post about the things that I am currently enjoying. I read a lot. I’ve read at least one book from each guest I’ve had on Author Stories. That’s a big commitment. I also try to read things that I want to read just because I want to read them. I thought I’d give you a rundown every now and then on some of the things that I’m currently enjoying, or have recently.

Zero Hour by Eamon Ambrose.

This story was a slap to the face from the get go. It’s a dark futuristic tale, but what really struck me was the way that he deftly uses second person. I don’t know many writers that have the guts to do that, and Eamon did it with his first ever offering. I enjoyed this story so much I had Eamon on the podcast this week. I can’t wait for him to finish the series and see where it goes.

The Walt Longmire Mystery Series

I had Craig Johnson on Author Stories a few weeks back and I said then that it was one of my favorite all time interviews. Still is. I only recently discovered that TV show Longmire (I know, I’m notoriously very, very late to the party when it comes to television, but oh well) and when I discovered that it was based on a book series I investigated. I’m hooked. These books are amazing and since I read a lot of Fantasy and Sci Fi usually, they provide a welcome break from dragons, magic and lasers. Plus Craig’s writing is just awesome.


I’ve been a fan of Arrow and Flash since they started and I’m really digging what DC is doing with their TV properties. When Supergirl premiered this past fall I was cautiously optimistic. I really like what they’re doing. Not only does it feel like the original Richard Donner Superman with the bright optimistic feel, but they are digging into the DC canon and bringing some really interesting stuff to the screen. Not to mention that it’s smart and funny.

Star Wars

So this is nothing new. I saw the original movie when I was in the first grade, loved the original trilogy and didn’t like the prequels. That’s not a new story. A lot of people my age felt the same way. I saw the newest offering with my family on Christmas day. I really enjoyed it, for a lot of reason, not the least was getting to sit at the end of the row and watch my family’s reactions. It was awesome. You can listen to Ian and me talk all about it in full spoiler glory here.


I listen to a ton of podcasts. Here are a few that I enjoy.

Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr

The Joe Rogan Experience

Writing Excuses

WTF with Marc Maron

Fatman on Batman with Kevin Smith

The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast with Simon Whistler

Writing books

Like most writers, I’ve always considered myself to be a story-teller. When you think about how the industry has changed and how easy it is for people to go from aspiring writer to published author, it’ll make your head spin. From the tools that allow us to put our ideas together, to the platforms that give us a place to publish, to the technology that allows us to directly communicate with the people who so graciously read what we write, it’s the best time ever to be alive and to be a creative person.

Thanks for listening.

What are some of your favorite things right now?





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